Data Sharing

Each patient in Northern Ireland has an electronic Emergency Care Record (ECR) which enables Out of Hours providers, including GPs and Hospital Clinicians, to view your recent blood test results, any prescriptions issued or appointments attended etc. This is only used to provide emergency care by providers who have a right to acess the WCR and all access is audited.

Patients can opt out of this service and should speak to staff if they require more details.

Electronic systems are in place for transfer from Out of Hours Providers, Hospital Laboratories (blood results) and for referraing patients from teh practice to Hospital & Community Care (CCG system) and for x-ray (via SECTRA System).

Third Party Data Collection

There may be times where data is uploaded via third party software provided by the Health & Social Care Board e.g. to facilitate risk management by identification of patients with significant risk of morbidities to try to provide enhanced care.

Another recent example was the identification of most vulnerable patients, to enable shielding advice appropriately. All data shared is pseudonomised and protected and there are appropriate Data Sharing Agreements in place before such sharing takes place, to ensure confidentiality, safety and conformation with legislation.